Holy Mother of Pixels… Europe’s Raddest Hackathon is Back to Lisbon

Holy Mother of Pixels… Europe’s Raddest Hackathon is Back to Lisbon

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Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in…

No, we’re not talking about the mafia (let’s leave that part for the actual Godfather and his crew). We’re talking about Europe’s raddest and biggest hackathon, Pixels Camp.

Beta-i and Bright Pixel have once again joined forces and we’re bringing you 3 days of non-stop tech, talks, workshops, and a 48 hour programming competition, on September 28–30 in Lisbon.

However, a few things have changed from last year’s edition. We have new challenges and updates that will knock your socks off. For 2017 the theme will be “To the Moon” but we can’t tell you why just yet…

So, in the meantime, here’s what we can say about Pixels Camp 2017:

We’re taking over a palace

After the 2016 edition we felt that we were going to need a bigger boat so, this September we’re actually taking over a palace for the occasion.

Right in the centre of Lisbon we will be staying at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes for 3 busy days.

The Pixels Launchpad

We have a new challenge for you. Feel like starting a startup? The Pixels Launchpad will help you get there.

Develop an idea from scratch for the industries of retail, health, telco, energy, or financial, focusing on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cyber security, and internet of things. Basically all the cool stuff.

And we have up to 100.000 euros in prizes.

Find out more about this new challenge we have for you at Pixels Camp right here and let us know if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and push revolutionary ideas forward.

<ElPixel/> ‘s Rebellion Grew Stronger

Remember the small, opinionated, and often annoying yellow pixel with a red Rambo-like ribbon from last year? Well, <ElPixel/> is back and he likes to hack.

For those who don’t know <ElPixel/>, he is a yellow pixel who claims to have officially formed a rebellion against the evil Pixels Order (which has nothing to do with us). He hacked into the Pixels Order’s system and reached thousands of other pixels who were imprisoned by the Order’s ruthless regime with an inspiring cryptic speech called “I am a pixel”.

As part of this constant struggle, <ElPixel/> has hacked Pixels Camp to have his own voice and to get more rebels to join his cause (by hacking Pixels Camp newsletter and social media).

And because last year’s mess wasn’t enough for him, last week we received the following message at the office:

“Hi. Forget about Neil Armstrong. First Pixel on the moon.

See you at Pixels Camp.



We might as well face the truth, <ElPixel/> is back and it’s just a matter of time because he hacks our newsletter.

This is just the beginning…

We would really like to tell you more but we won’t spoil you yet… When the right time comes you’ll know what else is taking place at Pixels Camp.

But, in the meantime, we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse (actually more than one).

Apply to participate and secure your free entrance (we have limited space and only the most talented will be accepted).

You can also apply to give a talk, through Github, if you feel like covering an interesting topic.

And you can also apply for the Pixels Launchpad to unleash the entrepreneur within you and win up to 100.000 euros in prizes.

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